Planet Brand Refresh
and Packaging Design

Guiding a beloved and trusted brand into a modern era with a complete branding and packaging overhaul.


Cleaning products with a short ingredients list that clean like the dickens.

Working within a small design team, we crafted a new brand identity that embodies the approachable yet eco-dedicated nature of Planet, while bringing them into the future with a modern, clean look. The updated logo pays homage to the previous globe icon, while adding depth through a subtle double-meaning (Is it a mountain scene? Is it a hand cradling a fish? It's both!). Brand packaging was also refreshed, with a focus on hierarchy and shelf-readability.

Impact: Successfully reconnected the brand to it’s founding values, without losing 25+ years of brand equity.

Logo Design: Gage Mitchell and Lauren Wallace
Packaging: Lauren Wallace
Art Direction: Gage Mitchell, Modern Species & Marty McDonald, Egg