Trend Forecasting
and Development

Interpreting and curating aesthetic trends to compliment a brand's viewpoint and customer.



I am passionate about trend research – that curiosity to know 'what's next?' continuously inspires both my work (product surface design, graphics development, color palettes) and play (interior design, fashion, makeup and beauty trends). I excel at curating large amounts of visual information into clear, actionable design trends that fit the brand lens. 

As a creative who loves collaboration, I enjoy working with a diverse range of input that helps me set a creative vision, and seeing that process through all the way to holding a product in my hands – it is
so satisfying to see your work come to life! In my current role, I lead global trend forecasting company-wide, working closely with our internal product teams to conceptualize and develop new treatment capabilities that drive market innovation across our entire portfolio
of brands. 

Role: Trend forecasting, copywriting, presentation design